==== EPIC FAIL ====


Perhaps you’ve heard of that exciting new filesystem called ext4. Perhaps you’re a MORON who knows the risks and runs it on your primary system anyway. Perhaps your laptop battery dies every now and than.

Well, hey. Would you look at that?

Epic Fail

Continuing fail

That folder marked lost+found? That is the only folder in the root directory of my primary hard disk. All those numbered files inside? That’s my system files, my program files, my documents, my 500+ tomboy note collection, my music, ALL my class work for the past three years, and almost every line of code I’ve ever written. File #132067 is my FAFSA confirmation from last year.

I am an idiot.

Not a complete idiot, mind you. I have a little on my Windows partition, and I do back up what I’m currently working on. Thank God for Dropbox.

But still. This fails.

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