Programming Music


For a long time, the only way I could write code was when surrounded by silence. Working in buildings with other people changed that pretty quickly! Random noise (especially speech) still bothers me, a lot. A lot! When it gets too much, I try to control it; to put my emotion and focus in that sweet spot where I can ignore the world and solve problems.

So anyway, here are a few of my favorites.

Fastfall (Lifeformed)

The soundtrack to the indie game Dustforce, this is my go to hacking music. It’s chill and has a beat; two properties ideal for getting in the zone.


Chiptune jazz!

Days Away (Ronald Jenkees)

I actually try not to listen to this too frequently because it always kinda blows me away a little when I haven’t heard it for a while.

George & Jonathan

This may be more of an acquired taste. Reminds me of Crush 40’s game OSTs. I highly recommend listening to album 3 on the extremely neat official website. How many bands have 3D chiptune tracker visualizations in their album previews?

Ember (Kubbi)

This music always reminds me of The Legend of Zelda for some reason. Just the right mix of melancholy and action.


I also love Lindsey-Sterling-seeded online radio, but that’s a bit difficult to link. I both love and hate Zircon’s Identity Sequence. Also, FantomenK is rad. Some early Yellow Magic Orchestra is good; Solid State Survivor is probably their best album for this list. A lot of weird stuff in their discography, though. Note that all this is a bit different than what I’d listen to otherwise.

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