Cast: Wiseman Alpha, Wiseman Delta, Wiseman Zeta, and Narrator (may be one of the wisemen).

NARRATOR: The Shepards made it to Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. The Magi didn’t show up until almost two years later. Why? Obviously, they were time travelers.

[Wise men on stage, all wearing sunglasses]
Z: Wiseman Alpha, what is the status of our current position?
A: Lost, Wiseman Zeta.
Z: Delta, where is our map?
D: Eaten by a camel, sir.
Z: No matter, I’ll just use my device from the future to locate our current position… It says “GPS cannot find satellites.”
A: I told you no good could come of time travel
D: You lost our camels in the space-time continuum!
Z: Maybe if I was to just go forward briefly and bring back a satellite…
Z & A: NO!
A: I’m hungry.
Z: Our food was on the camels. It’s a good thing we saved our gifts.
A: I wonder what Myrrh tastes like.
D: They use that for making mummies, don’t they?
A: Frankincense looks like dried fruit…
D: Eww.
Z [pointing]: Great Scott! There’s the star again!
A: How did we miss it?
Z: …Because we were walking the opposite direction.
A: And there’s a palace! They keep kings in those, don’t they? We’re looking for a king.
D: Isn’t the current king a mass murder or something?
Z: I see no way in which this plan could fail.
A: I’m sure it will be fine.
A, D & Z: Onward!