E3 2016 News


All the reporting everywhere is kinda boring. It turns out that this is because E3 is boring this year. I have taken the liberty of summarizing the highlights.




It’s a AAA 3D platformer and it has Mega Man and Metroid Prime people making it. Also, it has a grappling hook.

Windows 10 is getting more Xbox One exclusives with cross-buy and cross-saves. This is one of them. Maybe some of them will have cross-platform play, but I’m not holding my breath for that when Halo 6 inevitably rolls around.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

It’s not cancelled! Game of the show!


In a shocking twist, Obsidian announced another RPG about making choices.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect? Mass Effect. Mass Effect Mass Effect Mass Effect Mass Effect. Mass Effect!


It’s Platinum, and they’re making a Monster Hunter game. But the trailer looks awful. But it’s Platinum. I want to believe!



Apple’s E3 conference surprised a lot of people by not having anything to do with video games at all. Very strange from a company with such a large stake in mobile gaming.

Best trailer for the worst game

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