Monster Hunter World PC tweaks

The PC port of Monster Hunter World is a bit of a hot mess. I’ve collected a number of fixes, now together for the first time. This list is current as of 2018-9-8. Windows video codecs If you don’t use Windows 10 N or live in Europe, skip this section. If you’re still here, there’s a chance that your version of Windows is missing some video codecs. Without these codecs, your game will auto-save and crash right before final boss.
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E3 2016 News

All the reporting everywhere is kinda boring. It turns out that this is because E3 is boring this year. I have taken the liberty of summarizing the highlights. Hardware Microsoft announced two new consoles. One of them is an old console. Sony announced that they will announce a new console. Nintendo will not be announcing that they will announce a new console. Several companies want to sell very expensive hats that hold cell phones in front of your face.
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Some people like scary games. I’m not really an Amnesia: Dark Descent kind of guy. My favorite horror game is this little bugger, Illuminator, which I pull up every Halloween. It’s from a project on the TIGSource forums called Action 52 Owns. It looks like this: Let’s talk about why it’s great. As you can see, it’s dark and you have a flashlight. What you don’t see is that the house is full of monsters.
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My Top Games of 2014

It’s almost April! The perfect time to talk about what games I’m excited about this year. I have limited time to play PC games now, and I’m spending more and more of my leisure time either in front of a mobile device or in the company of friends. Hence, this list is really weird. Anticipated Ingress for iOS Ingress is great. Geolocation-based territory control battles. An excuse to exercise and interact with random strangers at invisible portals.
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Magic Isn’t a Great Game

I started playing Magic the Gathering about four months ago. I have drafted Avacyn Restored, participated in a Dragon’s Maze pre-release event, and played a number of games with a variety of decks owned by friends. We have played games consisting of only Standard cards and many more games with whatever cards we owned. With help, I built out my pre-release Izzet deck into something which isn’t quite miserable anymore. I began theorycrafting new decks and making a shopping list.
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