Monster Hunter World PC tweaks


The PC port of Monster Hunter World is a bit of a hot mess. I’ve collected a number of fixes, now together for the first time. This list is current as of 2018-9-8.

Windows video codecs

If you don’t use Windows 10 N or live in Europe, skip this section. If you’re still here, there’s a chance that your version of Windows is missing some video codecs. Without these codecs, your game will auto-save and crash right before final boss.

Save backups

The game does not use rolling save files. What this means is that if the game crashes while it is saving, your save file will be corrupted. Steam Cloud won’t protect your from this; it’ll immediately back up the corrupted save file.

/u/Chrushev wrote a script that you can use to periodicly back up your save.

Optimal in-game graphical settings

Driver profile

NVidia screwed up their driver profile for the game. You can get a ~20% performance improvement in Rotten Vale by disabling a profile option via NVidia Inspector.

This specific setting in the Monster Hunter Profile located under the Unknown Section at the last section. It is titled “0x0094C537 (2profiles)” with values of “0x00803007 (Monster Hunter World)”

Set it to 0x00000000


Note: use these at your own risk. Capcom hasn’t banned anyone so far, but this is a multiplayer game.

Low texture resolution workaround

Fixes how some textures in the game are always super low resolution, no matter what your graphical settings are.

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