Some people like scary games. I’m not really an Amnesia: Dark Descent kind of guy. My favorite horror game is this little bugger, Illuminator, which I pull up every Halloween. It’s from a project on the TIGSource forums called Action 52 Owns. It looks like this: Let’s talk about why it’s great. As you can see, it’s dark and you have a flashlight. What you don’t see is that the house is full of monsters.
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Dark Souls 3DS

Nintendo announced a new version of the 3DS with more buttons about a week after I wrote the bulk of this. Ah, well. It’s still an interesting exercise. What would Dark Souls look like if it was on the first generation Nintendo 3DS? Attack and defense controls The 3DS has fewer controller buttons than the other consoles that Dark Souls games are released on. We’ll have to rejigger things a bit, starting with attack controls.
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