User Tracking is Unethical


I saw a discussion about the Facebook tracking pixel recently. The crux of the discussion is that Facebook’s tracking is good because it helps small businesses. Now, I work at an advertising methics company. Most of our customers are small businesses. I agree, small business are good.

But cross site user tracking is unethical.

How to avoid being tracked

  1. Install the Firefox web browser.
  2. Install the Facebook Container addon. This makes Facebook live in it’s own little world in your browser, making it more difficult for it track you with cookies. Fingerprinting could still be used to associate your browsing activity with your Facebook account, though.
  3. Install the Privacy Badger addon. This is an addon that blocks trackers. It will gets rid of fingerprinting in most cases, unless you disable the extension. Lots of sites will work slightly differently when you use this because invasive tracking is so deeply ingrained in the modern web.

What about other browsers?

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