User Tracking is Unethical

I saw a discussion about the Facebook tracking pixel recently. The crux of the discussion is that Facebook’s tracking is good because it helps small businesses. Now, I work at an advertising methics company. Most of our customers are small businesses. I agree, small business are good. But cross site user tracking is unethical. It’s unclear if personalized ads directly lead to sales in many cases. Facebook might be invading user privacy for nothing.
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Writing Untrusted Software

When I look for new piece of software, I have a set of criteria that extends beyond, “does this perform the function I need.” I’ll err towards open source software. I like getting it from a source that wouldn’t knowingly distribute malware, like a distro repository or (gasp) an App Store. And I like using software that is small and efficient, runs on multiple platforms and allows exporting my data in a standard format.
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