Setting up Ubuntu on Windows 10

You can run Ubuntu on Windows 10. It’s not running in a virtual machine. It’s magic. I’m going to set up my preferred environment. By the end of this document, I’ll have fish and Neovim running in tmux with 24-bit colors. For ease of googling when you inevitably run into an issue, this feature is officially called the “Windows Subsystem for Linux,” or WSL for short. You may want to peruse the FAQ before getting started to douse your wild ambitions with cold water.
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Forethought, Preparation, and Victim Blaming

For the past year, Windows 7 and 8 have been demanding users to upgrade to Windows 10. For the past year, conservative users with a deep, well-paced mistrust of technology have been ignoring this request. Microsoft has had enough. It’s time to forcibly move things forward. It’s time to make computers great again. A close friend was noticeably perturbed when their Windows 7 PC was suddenly running Windows 10. As a terrible friend, I was unsympathetic.
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