COVID-19 Mob Manipulation

There is mounting evidence that someone is using social media to manipulate the public. The concept isn’t new, especially to state actors. But multiple sources report that bots are posting a concerning amount of misinformation about COVID-19. Inauthentic accounts are amplifying disinformation and inaccurate statistics and sharing false information as a reason to reopen the country,” Bouzy says. “Many of these accounts are also spreading bizarre conspiracy theories…” Business Insider, 2020-04-24
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The 2013 US Government Shutdown Conspiracy

A meme currently making the rounds is that the Republican party was been conspiring to completely shut down the government for months. It was never the backup plan, it was the only plan. The primary problem with this theory is that is is boring. BORING. You want a conspiracy theory, you go all in. It was obviously the Illuminati. Are you familiar with this group? Let me fill you in. They control:
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