How Fate/Zero Should Have Ended

Fate/Zero parody/fan fiction. Spoilers, obviously. Spoilers? Spoilers, spoilers. Gas leaks! The scene: As Emiya and Kiri fight to the death, the grail summoning is completed. As the victor of the war, Emiya is pulled into a reality marble. The grail, appearing to him in the form of his dead wife, puts forth it’s glorious plan for world peace. Emiya spoke to the vision. The shell of his wife, the monstrous grail.
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Time Team Paradox X: Double Hitler (excerpt)

Hitler Prime stroked his mustache, discretely removing evidence of a recent Egg McMuffin. “You see,” he explained to the temporal assassins, “time travel via your machine in the strictest sense is clearly impossible. But parallel worlds are possible. You did not actually travel to 1930 in your own world, you traveled to a parallel world in which 1930 happened to align to your 2041.” “But, we killed you!” stammered Biff.
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The 2013 US Government Shutdown Conspiracy

A meme currently making the rounds is that the Republican party was been conspiring to completely shut down the government for months. It was never the backup plan, it was the only plan. The primary problem with this theory is that is is boring. BORING. You want a conspiracy theory, you go all in. It was obviously the Illuminati. Are you familiar with this group? Let me fill you in. They control:
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Git and Other Time Machines

I have revised my opinion. Git is complicated partially because it has a bad UI, and partially because parallel universes with time travel. Mercurial, having parallel universes but lacking time travel, is significantly easier to master. A case may now be made that Git had a bad interface because it allows time travel. Time machines are notorious for terrible UI. Indeed, it is required by law in the state of California.
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