Questions I Ask About Mockups

There are many essential skills for the software developer who hopes to advance in the world. Let’s talk about two of them. The ability to ask good questions. The ability to estimate how complex something will be off the cuff. These skills combine when reviewing the specification for a brand new feature. A small group of engineers sit around a mockup as the product manager or designer explains what the feature does.
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Gen Con 2019 Retrospective

Prelude My friends Billy and Kasey invited me along to Gen Con this year. I enjoy board games, friends, and questionable financial decisions. It was a moderately easy decision. The fun started a few weeks before the convention, when 17,000+ events were posted to the worst scheduling website devised by man. Things fill up quickly, but the reservation system is kind of a nightmare. Many events repeated every hour, it’s all sorted chonologically, and it’s very easy to lose your place in the huge list.
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Is Satanism truer to Jesus than Christianity?

Polygon posted about a Satanism documentary today. This statement halfway through caught my eye: The other tenets [of Satanism] — which include “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone” — have been described as possibly being “truer to the words of Jesus than most Christians,”… That’s an interesting tenet to associate with Jesus, especially since his own apostles disagreed with it. In 1 Corinthians, Paul wrote,
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Monster Hunter World PC tweaks

The PC port of Monster Hunter World is a bit of a hot mess. I’ve collected a number of fixes, now together for the first time. This list is current as of 2018-9-8. Windows video codecs If you don’t use Windows 10 N or live in Europe, skip this section. If you’re still here, there’s a chance that your version of Windows is missing some video codecs. Without these codecs, your game will auto-save and crash right before final boss.
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MacOS Keyboard Automation

A coworker asked me to summarize the desktop utilities I use. I didn’t know I had knowledge anyone wanted! Here’s a list of tools I regularly use to bend my environment to my whims. The most important quality in a tool is that it blends into the background and I don’t have to think about it. In order of ease of use: MacOS First thing is to enable keyboard control of GUI elements.
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