Fixing pip

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Setting up the Netis WF-2116 wifi adapter on Fedora 19

Update 2014-1-11 What’s that? You wanted functional drivers? Hahaha! Good one. It’s utterly broken on recent kernels, doesn’t even compile anymore. It sorta works out of the box on Fedora 20, in that it will connect and transfer data for a minute or five before it breaks. The best bet for Ubuntu users might be this fork. It doesn’t work for me, but other people have said nice things about it.
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Python Unit Testing Quickstart

Suppose you want to write some unit tests in Python. What do? Fortunately, you already have a module called unittest (or unittest2 in Python 2.4-2.6) in the standard library. We’ll use that. Directory structure First, create a directory named tests. Place an empty file named init.py inside. This distinguishes the directory as a package. Next, create your first test file and place it in the tests directory. I called mine test_database.
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